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Here at Flingers Party Shop, we are known for our great range of foil and latex balloons. You are guaranteed to find the perfect balloon for any occasion, party or event. We have a whole section dedicated to birthday balloons alongside a section with just age-specific balloons so it is easy to find those 21st birthday balloons or the big 50th birthday balloons. There are also special message balloons which are ideal for retirement, engagement and anniversary occasions. Find wedding balloons under their own area with a whole range of delicate and beautiful balloons perfect for any couple’s special day.

Nearly all our latex balloons are Qualatex as these are the best latex balloons out there. They are high quality and 100% natural latex. Look under our solid-colour latex balloons section to find the huge variety of colours that we have. The classic latex balloon will make any room into a proper party!

Every child loves a balloon and no children’s birthday party should be without some. Look under childrens balloons to find everything from Fireman Sam to Hello Kitty. Not forgetting our wonderful Airwalker balloons which are specially weighted so that when they are filled with helium they hover and walk as if by magic! For younger children we have a lot of gorgeous balloons. Take a look at our Rachel Ellen design balloons which have cute illustrations that young children will love, we especially like the christening balloons.

Come into our shop to have your balloons filled with helium gas (ring for prices) or now you can also buy helium online on our website. We have a helium gas canister which will inflate up to 50 9” balloons. You don’t even need to return the helium gas cylinder when you are finished. With the ability to buy balloons and helium online you will soon be picking up balloon artistry and making balloon arches! You can get your filled balloons delivered if you’re very local to the shop.

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